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Casey and Tanja Frye

Casey and Tanja Frye's gift to CSC will benefit future students.

Casey and Tanja Frye became actively involved in Chadron State College as students in the late 1970s and early '80s.

Casey was president of the Ag Club and Student Senate. He rode his bicycles with five other students from Chadron to Lincoln to help CSC gain support for the $4.6 million Nelson Physical Activity Center. Tanja was an outfielder for the softball team all four years at CSC and earned high enough grades to be accepted to veterinary school at Iowa State University.

The Fryes still live in Ames, Iowa, and work nearby. Tanja is a veterinarian and Casey is vice president for Burke Corporation. The Fryes have done well and often reflect on their college days when they both had fun and learned. That's why they didn't hesitate when they were asked to join the Living Legacy Club.

"We've stayed in touch with the college," Tanja says. "We put the college in our will so we can eventually help kids whose parents might not be able to provide the funds to put them through college. Chadron State supported us when we were students and gave us a nice start in our careers. It's our goal to help someone else have the same kind of opportunities."

Like the Fryes, you can leave a lasting impact on Chadron State College by including a gift to us in your will or other estate plan. Contact Ben Watson at 308-432-7007 or to learn more.